Intent Of This Team And A Little About Them

The intent of this “not for profit” work and journey into the Self is to infuse thinking and more importantly Being that is rooted in beauty and systemic perspectives. The intent is to diffuse some of these ideas and ways of being to those who might be seeking it. This labor of love is being done with what they consider to be

Artistic Expression

Scientific Precision &

Poetic Rendition

So what allows them to embark on this journey? Have they shown success before in other undertakings?

External measures of success include multiple degrees (4 Masters and 2 Phd’s in total) from top tier schools such as Carnegie Mellon, M.I.T., Stanford and Thunderbird. In the real world members of this team have earned their stripes doing very diverse work ranging from small industry changing start ups to Fortune 5oo companies. Their professional work has been in the areas of

  1. Systems Science and Artificial Intelligence
  2. Business Strategy & Product Management
  3. Mathematics and Computer Sciences
  4. Personal and Organizational Transformation

In addition to these external measures of success they also have their own internal compass of success which is exhibited in their personal passions for

  • Mythology, Neuro Linguistic Programming & other technologies with the potential to help one create a healthy relationship with the Self
  • Martial Arts and other somatic disciplines – with multiple black belts earned
  • New media/Web 2.0 and its power to transform how we interact – this forum is but one outgrowth of this fusion
  • Doing social and political activism both in their adopted countries and countries of birth
  • Search for beauty and joy

Alright, so who are these people?

Sergey Berezin, the scientist, the organizer, and the technology magician behind this project;

Arman Darini, the team builder, the architect, and the heart of the party;

And finally,  Mahipal Lunia, the visioner, the connector of dots and the poet  of this journey.

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